Undergraduate Co-ops & Internships

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Georgia Tech internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, and create a network of contacts. An internship may be either paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend).

The Georgia Institute of Technology Internship Program is an academic program designed to complement a student’s formal education with practical work experience. The internships are single-semester, major related full-time or part-time work experiences that help students better understand the “real world” applications of their academic studies. 

Involvement in the GT Internship program requires a commitment of full-time or part-time employment for a minimum of 14 weeks for the fall or spring semesters or a minimum of 8 weeks for the summer term. Interns typically work for one semester, with the flexibility of participating in multiple internships, and in some cases, have the option of working for two consecutive terms (e.g. spring and summer or summer and fall).  Full-time work assignments are for a minimum of thirty-six hours per week, and part-time assignments require at least 10 hours of work per week.

Program Eligibility

  • GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Good academic standing
  • Experiential Learning Application must be completed in CareerBuzz

Benefits of Registering Your Internship with the Career Center

  • Internship audit hours are tuition-free
  • Audit hours are recorded on your official transcript
  • Earnings do not affect FAFSA status
  • Maintain active student status during your work terms
  • Cancelation of housing without penalty if working 25 miles or more from campus
  • Career advisors provide support during your work terms
Taking a Course While Working

If you choose to take a Georgia Tech course while working a full-time internship gain the approval of both your GT Career Development Advisor and supervisor before registering. Also, note that the class time must not interfere with your 40-hour workweek.

Students participating in a part-time internship must maintain full-time student status using a combination of internship and academic credit.  Permission through the Career Center is not required before registering for academic credit.

If you plan to take a class at another university while interning, make sure that your supervisor approves your taking the course and that the class time doesn’t interfere with your work schedule. Also, make sure your credit hours transfer to Georgia Tech through the following steps:

  • Go to https://oscar.gatech.edu/pls/bprod/wwtraneq.P_TranEq_Ltr and review whether or not the course you wish to take at a particular institution has already been evaluated and approved by Georgia Tech as a transfer equivalency.
  • If the course or institution is not listed in OSCAR, see your academic advisor to determine whether or not the credits will transfer.
  • Click on the HELP link at https://oscar.gatech.edu/pls/bprod/wwtraneq.P_TranEq_Ltr to view specific Registrar requirements. For example, you cannot transfer credit for a course that you previously took at Georgia Tech. Other rules apply.
  • If the institution teaching the course requires a “transient letter” from Georgia Tech, obtain one from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Once you’ve completed the course, have the transfer institution to send your official transcript to:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of the Registrar
Transfer Credit
Atlanta GA , 30332-0315

Verifying Full-Time Status While Interning

Insurance companies often require proof of full-time student status. While interning, you will be registered for a tuition-free, 12-hour audit course that allows you to maintain your full-time status. Georgia Tech has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse to take care of enrollment verifications.  Please log on to your OSCAR account and print an enrollment verification certificate through the National Student Clearinghouse link under “Student Records – Verification Requests.”  The enrollment verification certificate can be printed immediately and provided to the insurance carrier at your convenience.  A box in the upper right corner of the certificate allows you to write in the Policy Holder name and ID#.

For detailed instructions, please see:

Office of the Registrar Enrollment Verification


If you are co-oping or interning in metro Atlanta, you may live in campus housing, if available. Students working outside the area will find that most employers offer some level of housing assistance. Such assistance ranges from providing students with a list of apartments in the area to arranging furnished housing and paying for a portion of the expenses. Your employer may give you the names of other interns working in the same location to help you find housing options and roommates.

If you are working more than 25 miles from the Georgia Tech campus, you will be able to cancel your housing contract without penalty and get a refund for your housing deposit. Please see the directions to cancel your housing contract under “How to Register Your Internship or Co-op.” If you plan to intern during a given semester but are not sure you will get a job, register for classes and sign up for housing as a backup plan. All can be easily reversed if you are hired.

Remember to have your mail forwarded if you move for your internship. You can enter your forwarding address via the OSCAR website. Login and go to the Personal Information menu. If you currently have an off-campus address, enter your temporary forwarding address at the US Postal Service site:https://moversguide.usps.com/?referral=USPS

Housing Outside of Atlanta

Internship Documentation

Students need to submit three work forms during their internship work term: a Work Term Goals & Objectives during the first three weeks, and a Work Report and the Student Performance Evaluation (from their supervisors) during the last two weeks of their work term.

Please submit your Work Term Goals & Objectives and Work Report directly through CareerBuzz.   After you’ve logged into CareerBuzz, click on the “Submit Your Work Term Goals & Objectives” or “Submit Your Work Report”  link under the My Quicklinks section of your homepage.   On the far right side of the page you will see three small dots, click on the dots and select the appropriate form.  You will receive reminder emails concerning completing both your Work Term Goals & Objectives and your Work Report during your work term.

Your supervisor will receive an email at the end of your co-op/internship work term with a link to the Student Performance Evaluation.  When you receive the reminder to complete your Work Report, check to be sure your supervisor received the link to complete your Student Performance Evaluation.  You should schedule a time to meet with your supervisor to discuss the completed evaluation so that you receive feedback on your performance.

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