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Since 1999, PSM has evolved from a leading supplier of technologically advanced aftermarket parts to a comprehensive multi-OEM gas turbine services provider providing our service capabilities worldwide.

Owned by Hanwha Impact, part of the Hanwha Group, PSM is joined in these efforts with our sister company Thomassen Energy, and together we form the core of our parent company’s gas turbine service group.

Our innovative spirit, supported by our growing and diverse technology patent portfolio, can be seen in our evolving product and service solution portfolio. Our value-based solutions offer paradigm-shifting capabilities to meet our customers’ business needs, including upgrades and enhancements for efficiency, operational flexibility, enhanced reliability and optimized life-cycle maintenance costs.  We are immensely proud to offer advanced technology combustion system platform retrofits for the vast majority of the installed fleet of gas turbines worldwide, which offer ultra-low emissions and the ability to co-fire with renewable gases such as hydrogen, an increasingly necessary requirement for gas turbines to remain viable and become an integral part of the emerging decarbonized power grid.

Our customer focus, speed-to-market, transparency and ability to quickly cross-pollinate successful concepts to multiple OEM platforms differentiates us from every other independent OEM power plant service provider in the world. PSM welcomes you, whether as a customer, employee or supplier, and invites you to join us as a partner on our continuous journey as the premier global service leader in the gas turbine market.

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Aerospace and Aviation
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Public Company

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201-500 employees

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