Madison Kim

Award:  Experiential Education Stipend
Award Term:  Summer 2021
Computational Media
Employer:  Building Blocks for Kids



“For people who enjoy seeing their work directly help people, interning with a nonprofit can be a great way to still grow while having wholehearted motivation. I’ve felt this way about my internship with Building Blocks — a nonprofit that aims to bring a yearlong program of financial literacy and career exploration to high school students in misrepresented communities.

The people at Building Blocks are dedicated people who are looking forward to a future where adults aren’t struggling to become financially secure, and mentally happy individuals. Because of our purpose, I’ve loved every minute that I’ve helped with their digital media assets, including flyers, photography, and website design. 

This stipend has helped me experience the privilege of doing what I love while not worrying too much about the money. If you are able, I would encourage you to find work you love doing with a nonprofit who has a mission you’re passionate about. I’m sure that working with them and getting paid through the Educational Stipend will come to be a great experience. “

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