Job Boards and Resources

Where to Search for Jobs

Now that you know what you’re looking for and are prepared to start applying, where do you start? See below for our top recommendations for where to search for jobs.


CareerBuzz is a platform used only by Georgia Tech students and employers who are directly intending to hire from Georgia Tech. This is the best place to start your job search, and you should always check here first for posted opportunities, employer events, and other educational or networking opportunities.


External Job Boards

There are hundreds (thousands!?) of job boards available for students and professionals seeking work. Here are some top job boards that have been utilized successfully by Georgia Tech students, as well as a list of some niche job boards to support your specific career stage or interests.

Don’t forget to utilize the LinkedIn Alumni tool to see where GT alums in your major are employed. Companies with a history of hiring from Georgia Tech are more likely to do so again in the future.


Other Job Boards:

Entry-Level or Internship:


Diversity Focus:

  • Getting Hired (job board featuring inclusive employers who “cultivate accommodating environments”)
  • Diversity Jobs (jobs for diversity-driven employers and job seekers)
  • LatPro (job board for Latinx and bilingual candidates)
  • (Job Search assistance for international students)


Temporary Jobs:


Other Job Search and Career Tools

View our Sample Job Search/Network Tracking Spreadsheet.

See our Career Tools page for access to resources for company research, job searching, interview preparation, and more.

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