Information Sessions

Scheduling an Information Session

We invite employers to host an information session to build your brand visibility on-campus, educate students about your company culture, and promote opportunities. Information sessions are also beneficial prior to coming to conduct on-campus recruitment events and/or attending career fairs.

Outlined below are the steps needed to reserve space and create your schedule.

  1. Reserve a space on-campus. We encourage employers to reserve space as soon as possible, especially during peak recruiting times, so that we may be able to support your recruiting needs. Information and interview reservations can be made on the Bill Moore Student Success website. Please note that employers want to select the Reservations tab and make their reservation under the External Clients tab. Once your information is submitted and processed, you should receive an email confirmation and next steps regarding the payment process. If you would like to host an information on Georgia Tech campus, please make your recommendations using the Student and Campus Event Center webpage and selecting the External Clients tab.
  2. Create your schedule using CareerBuzz. After your space reservation is confirmed, follow the steps below to post it in CareerBuzz. If you do not have a CareerBuzz account, you will need to create one and complete the necessary information. When creating your schedule, make sure to provide alternate dates and times especially during peak season.
  • Log into your CareerBuzz account.
  • Click on Events
  • Click on On-campus or Virtual Information session.
  • Fill out all required information and any additional information you think would be beneficial to students and your recruiting needs.
  • In the Information Session Form list the date, time, and location
  • For on-campus information sessions, look at your invoice/ reservation confirmation and enter the 4-digit number on the invoice line to confirm the space.
  • For virtual information sessions list “0000” in the invoice.

Sending Recruitment Materials:

If you have recruitment material that you would like to send ahead of time for your interviews or information session, you can mail it to

USPS Shipping Address
Georgia Tech Career Center
219 Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, GA. 30332-0105

FedX & UPS Shipping Address
Georgia Tech Career Center
Student Success Center
225 North Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA. 30332-0105

Please mark your material in bold black letters “Hold for Information Session.”



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