Historical Career Event List :: 1920 – 1950

Briaerean Society (Co-op Honorary) chartered at Georgia Tech to support scholarship among co-ops. Admission to the honorary society was open to co-op juniors and seniors with a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.

James E. McDaniel named director of Coopertive Courses. Association of Cooperative Colleges founded.

Cloudman Hall was opened. It was built exclusively for co-ops.

George C. Griffin, CE ’27, one of the most influential figures in Georgia Tech’s history, used monies from his own pocket to establish the first placement center at Georgia Tech. The Alumni Placement Service began in 1934, followed by a student placement service in 1941.

Harrison Dorm opened. It housed co-op upperclassmen.

The first placement office housed in the Knowles Building, formerly the Knowles Dormitory.

President Marion Brittan’s post-war planning committee recommends that regular students and co-ops follow the same calendar.

Fred W. Ajax was one of the first assigned to supervise the operations of the Placement Office. In 1941, he was appointed Assistant Dean of Students, and he assumed placement duties in 1946. The Fred W. Ajax Placement Center, the former home of Career Services, was named in his honor.