Historical Career Event List :: 1950 – 1980

James C. Wohlford named director of Cooperative Courses.

Women first admitted to Georgia Tech.

Future Georgia Tech President G. Wayne Clough enrolls as a co-op student.

Georgia Tech is desegregated when African-American students Ford Greene, Ralph Long, Jr., and Lawrence Williams enroll in classes. The first black student to graduate from Tech is Ron L. Yancey, EE ’65.

Laurie Baker becomes the first female student admitted to the co-op program.

Delta, the Atlanta-based airline, began hiring Georgia Tech co-ops.

The Fred W. Ajax Placement Center was named for Fred Ajax. Formerly the Pickrick Restaurant, 891 Hemphill Avenue, it was the long-lived center of student placement at Georgia Tech until 1993. During this tiime, directors oversaw the placement of thousands of Tech students.

Co-op programs in Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Management, and Engineering Mechanics joined the seven engineering disciplines of Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, and Textile.

Co-op Students earn an average of $478 per month.

McKenney’s, a commercial HVAC systems contractor located in, began hiring co-op students. It is now one of the program’s top employers.