Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why am I getting an ‘Applicant Type’ error when I attempt to apply to a job in CareerBuzz?


The reason that you are unable to apply to co-op and internship opportunities OR submit your placement information is because you have not yet submitted your Experiential Learning application in CareerBuzz.

To do that, simply click on the SET APPLICANT TYPE/Submit Exp. Learning Application link under the Resources >> My Quicklinks section of your CareerBuzz homepage (main vertical toolbar on the left side of your browser window).

Once you have submitted your application and it has been reviewed and approved, then you will be able to apply to all co-op and internship postings in which you are eligible AND submit your placement(s).

Question: Can I work part-time as a Graduate Intern and keep my GRA/TA?


Yes, you can, but only if the internship is essential to your research.

Question: How do I post a job?


The Georgia Tech Career Center uses CareerBuzz – a free, user-friendly job database that allows employers to recruit students.  Establishing your profile through CareerBuzz ensures that your job opportunities are visible to the largest student population.  Students have 24×7 access to the system to search for full-time, part-time, co-op and internship positions. Students are instructed to use Careerbuzz in their job search.

Question: Who must approve a Graduate Internship assignment?


Graduate internship assignments require academic department approval and enrollment approval from Grad Career Services in the Georgia Tech Career Center (in the Bill Moore Student Success Center). Masters:  Academic Adviser or Graduate Coordinator; Doctoral:  Academic Adviser/Graduate Coordinator and Faculty Adviser

Question: Why am I getting a {{Base.sectionTitle}} error message when attempting to search for jobs in my CareerBuzz account?


We’ve found that students encounter this error when using the uBlock browser extension with the Google Chrome browser. Essentially, it blocks the scripts CareerBuzz tries to run to display the Discover page.

If you are using Chrome with uBlock, I recommend that you disable the extension. If you prefer not to, then you can always use a different browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

Question: Do I receive academic credit for my Internship/Co-op?


Interns and co-ops must complete all curriculum requirements for their major. During full-time work terms, students register for a twelve-hour audit course to maintain full-time status. As a result, each work term appears on the student’s transcript. The audited internship or co-op course does not count toward the academic credits required for a degree. The same is true for the audit credit students take when they register for either a part-time or full-time internship courses.

Question: How are graduate students matched with employers?


Most students find jobs by networking through their major schools and professional associations or by conducting their own research on companies. All graduate students enrolled at Georgia Tech are eligible to participate in on-campus career fairs and apply for jobs posted in CareerBuzz, maintained by the Career Center.

Question: How and when do program participants interview for employment?


Each semester many employer representatives come to campus to interview and hire graduate interns.  Employers arrange on campus interviews through the Career Center software, CareerBuzz. An advisor that is part of the graduate career development can provide assistance with a job search or applying for positions posted in CareerBuzz.

Question: What skills and traits are employers seeking in the students they hire?


Most employers are interested in academic excellence, good oral and written communication skills, maturity, motivation, and flexibility.

Question: As a BS/MS program participant, when can I participate as a Graduate Intern?


BS/MS degree students at Georgia Tech may seek academic departmental approval after completion of their first semester of graduate study.

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