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The First Generation Shadow Program allows students to learn about careers by shadowing alumni and employers (hosts) in fields of their interest. Students can gain career insights and guidance while building confidence in networking with professional connections.

The program will include two engagement points between hosts and students

    1. Virtual Informational Interviews Meeting; February 6-March 17
    2. In-Person Shadowing Day; March 17-April 21 – Shadow Days

The program is an excellent opportunity for students to explore a career area to which they might otherwise not have exposure, gather advice, and build alums and employer connections in their career area of interest. Depending on the nature of the alum’s industry and organization, the shadow experience may consist of any/all of the following activities:

  • A one-on-one conversation with the alum host
  • A conversation with other alums on staff (if applicable)
  • A tour of the workspace
  • The sharing of professional associations, publications, podcasts, or upcoming webinars to further enrich the student’s knowledge
  • The continuation of skill-building via a project work offered by the alum


HOSTS :: Join by January 6th

Why participate?

Hosting a student can be a fun and rewarding experience! You can advise, influence, and support students as they explore careers.

You’ll find that your career can be enhanced by the time and effort you put into helping a student as you hone your coaching skills and become familiar with the new generation entering the workforce.

Host Requirements:

·       Have a 30-minute introductory conversation and  informational interview

·       Host your match(es) on-site for a half-day to a full-day experience

The host will schedule a date for all students to shadow if it’s 3+ students.

·       Expose your student to potential career opportunities (via research, informational interviews, professional organizations, networks, etc.).

·       Provide constructive feedback to enhance your student’s professionalism and preparedness.

·       Share examples of success and failure from your own experience.

Participate this Year!

·       Complete registration below.

·       Once students apply and are matched, you will be notified, and your student(s) will reach out to you. Please note specific matches are not guaranteed, though host preferences are considered during matching.

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STUDENTS :: The Deadline to Apply is January 31st

Why participate?

Connecting with alums and employers will help to expand your knowledge and skills, give you valuable advice, and work to build and grow your career network. Your shadow host is an advocate who can teach you about career options and possibilities.  The learning objectives of the program include

Student Requirements:

·       Once matched, you will attend an orientation session or watch the recording virtually

·       You will be responsible for reaching out to your host to schedule your informational interview

·       Coordinate with your host when your full-day or half-day shadow experience takes place


Student Expectations:

·       Students are expected to take the initiative by arriving prepared, asking questions, and showing a genuine interest during their “shadow” visit.

·       Demonstrate professionalism by being timely, expressing a willingness to learn, and following through on commitments.


Application Deadline: January 31st

·       Click the registration button and complete the registration questions.

·       If you are matched, you will attend an orientation session and be expected to connect with your alumni host to schedule an informational interview and shadowing day.

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