Meet Our Co-op & Internship Advisors

Undergraduate Co-op & Internship Programs

The Undergraduate Co-op & Internship Programs team assists and provides students guidance in their co-op and internship search through 1:1 appointments, drop-ins, and relevant programming and supports students once they secured these experiences and throughout.

Andrea Comsa

Interim Executive Director; Director – Undergraduate Co-op & Internship Programs

Iteeah Pounds

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Co-op & Internship Programs

NeKenjie Tarver

Educational Outreach Manager

Graduate Career Development

The Graduate Career Development team provides tailored support for Master’s and Doctoral students career development needs. They provide one-on-one career advising, facilitate workshops and events, and administer the Graduate Internship Program. Graduate Career Development Advisors are available to meet graduate students via drop-in hours (during fall and spring semesters when classes are in session) and one-on-one advising sessions (by appointment on CareerBuzz). This team focuses on careers in industry, government, non-profit, and other non-academic sectors, as academic job search support is provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Gaeun (Gwenn) Seo

Director of Graduate Career Development

Ariel Gladney

Graduate Co-op & Internship Manager

Catharine Groover

Graduate Career Development Advisor

Christina Hall

Graduate Career Development Advisor

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