Career Readiness

It is the mission of the Georgia Tech Career Center to encourage students to realize your career dreams by:
  • assisting students with developing self-knowledge,
  • obtaining educational and occupational information,
  • selecting personally suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities,
  • developing effective job search skills, and ultimately
  • attaining your employment and/or graduate school goals.

You don’t have to do it alone. As a Georgia Tech student or alumni, you have access to tools, resources, and a dedicated team to help make your career goals a reality. Our Career Center helps you seek out potential employers based on your skills and interests, assists in refining your interview skills and enhancing your résumé, and educates you on how to successfully navigate professional environments.

Taking advantage of our exclusive career fairs, online job boards, and services, Tech students are well-positioned and well-prepared to achieve their career goals. Career Center staff are available for individual meetings daily and will work with you to develop a personalized job search based on your strengths and interests.

Don’t wait until graduation to unleash your potential! You can start today by following the Career Centers’ Four-Year Strategy for Career Readiness. Throughout each phase of your undergraduate education, the Georgia Tech Career Center is here to assist you in taking steps to identify your strengths, explore your opportunities, and help you achieve your career goals.

First Year – Learn

Your first year at Tech is all about discovery. As a first-year student, you have the freedom and flexibility to discover and learn many new things. Most students achieve career success because they interact with the Georgia Tech Career Center early and often. Becoming familiar with your resources and exploring your options is a great first step! If you are undecided, you have the opportunity to learn about which majors and minors might be a good fit by speaking to a Career Center staff member .

Prepare for your professional life by updating your social media accounts to present your best self-image to potential employers. The Georgia Tech Career Center can assist you in beginning to explore networking by creating a LinkedIn profile that highlights your experience and strengths.

  • Register with , Georgia Tech’s online job board.
  • Take self-assessment tools such as   and learn to use your interests, skills, and abilities when choosing a career.
  • Schedule an appointment via , meet with a staff member to review your career assessment, learn about ways to get involved on campus, and begin to develop your résumé.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your academic plan and your potential major. Bring your career assessment results to this meeting to add value to the courses you select.
  • Meet with Career Center staff to learn about networking, including where to find opportunities to network and how to create your
  • Participate in virtual or in-person  on campus including 
  • Pursue a summer or part-time job, preferably within your field of interest, by utilizing 
  • Check and read emails from the Georgia Tech Career Center.
Second Year – Explore

Build upon your first year by exploring educational and professional opportunities related your areas of interest. Learn about ways to further understand your areas of interest by taking advantage of experiential learning opportunities your such as internships, a study abroad trip, or undergraduate research opportunities. With more than 100 student organizations to choose from, you can also explore and gain invaluable leadership skills which will enhance your résumé while allowing you to grow your network on campus.


  • Declare a major, if you have not already, and focus on attaining a strong GPA. Study hard!
  • Update your résumé and your profile on 
  • Continue to build your network by attending our 
  • Connect with alumni using the to gain insights about career options relevant to your major.
  • Meet with a Career Center staff member to review your résumé and cover letter before applying to positions. Get insight into how to conduct an internship/co-op job search.
  • Explore experiential learning opportunities such as:
  • Co-op, Internship and Global Internship opportunities on the
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities with the
  • Study Abroad options through the
  • Get involved in a related to your professional area(s) of interest or personal interest(s). Remember: Be intentional about your time management and level of involvement within student and professional organizations– you are a student first! If you are having trouble with this, please schedule an appointment with a Career Center staff member to know of best practices for time management and organization.
Third Year – Develop

As you begin to narrow down your career goals, use your third year to test your career readiness in a real-world setting. Attend virtual or in-person Career Events to network with recruiters, learn about company culture and potential employment opportunities. Complete an internship to experience to get to know what it’s like working in your field of interest. Career Center staff and academic advisors within your major can help identify ways to further experience your profession outside of the classroom.


  • Make an appointment with the Georgia Tech Career Center to discuss your career goals and to start building your job search strategy.
  • Utilize  to search for internships in your field of interest. Consider the ; the areas you are strong in as well as the areas you would like to improve.
  • Schedule Mock Interviews to practice interview skills with Career Center staff and get feedback to improve before you meet with employers and utilize the Big Interview tool on your own time.
  • If you are planning to attend graduate school, sign up for standardized practice tests (GRE, GMAT, etc.); meet with faculty regarding letters of recommendation and graduate school applications.
  • Join professional associations related to your major at less-expensive student rates.
  • Attend our on-campus or virtual  to talk with recruiters and employer representatives about available career opportunities.
  • Attend both Fall and Spring .
Fourth Year – Align

While you prepare for graduation, take advantage of CareerBuzz, Georgia Tech’s online job portal to search for opportunities and submit your résumé to a variety of employers. Connect with professors, alumni and others in your collegiate network to request letters of recommendation as you apply to jobs or to graduate school.


  • Visit the Career Center website and to keep up-to-date with programs and Career Events.
  • Search career opportunities through the CareerBuzz, corporate websites, and other job board sites.
  • Set up appointments to refine your documents (resume and cover letter) and do a mock interview to brush up on your interviewing skills again.
  • Be aware of all graduate school application deadlines, if necessary.
  • Continue to develop your network of professional contacts by joining a professional association connected with your career interests. Request a mentor!
  • Google yourself to monitor and polish your online presence.
  • Attend Fall and Spring Career Fairs.

Connect with the Georgia Tech Career Center.

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