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For a list of participating employers can be viewed HERE (September 21September 22). Please check back regularly because our employer will be registering throughout the summer.  

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NOTE: You MUST register for the Fall 2020 All-Majors Virtual Career Fair to attend.

Webinars & Videos

What's the Buzz - Episode#1

Tips & Tricks to Succeed at the All-Majors Virtual Career Fair

What's the Buzz - Episode#2

How to Register for the All-Majors Virtual Career Fair

What's the Buzz - Episode#3

What Should I Wear and What Should I

Preparing for the Career Fair

  1. Have your resume reviewed prior to the event.
  2. Research the employers that you are interested in before the event
  3. Prepare questions to ask employers so you can see if an employer is a good fit with your values, abilities, and interests
  4. Have a platform (notepad or phone app) to jot down notes of your conversations with recruiters to use during your follow-ups
  5. Come prepared knowing your availability for employment or internship, including start and end dates

Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Event:
1. What kind of internship, co-op, or full-time experience are you looking for?
2. Where would you be willing to relocate for work?
3. Does the field you are looking to work in require any special certifications?

Preparation Events

The Career Center hosts a series of webinars/workshops each semester to prepare students for career fairs. In addition, our employers offer information sessions that provide vital information about their organizations.    Visit the following to prepare for your career fair experience:

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