Undergrad FAQ's

How do I join the Internship and/or Co-op Programs?

Log into CareerBuzz, from “My Quicklinks” select “Submit/Edit Your Exp. Learning Application.”  Complete the application and watch the orientation Prezi – allow 24 hours for your application to be approved.  Schedule an appointment to meet with your Career Development Advisor who will answer any questions you have and discuss your career exploration.

What is the difference between Internships and Co-op?

An internship is a one semester commitment.  The internship can be either part-time or full-time.  Co-op is a three semester commitment with the same employer.  Students alternate between work and school until they have completed three work terms.  Co-op work terms are always full-time, students do not attend classes while on work rotation. Students on co-op assignment take a schedule of full-time classes following a work term. 

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Internship & Co-op programs, students must have a 2.0 or above GPA and be in good academic standing.  Students also must attend classes on campus for a minimum of one semester prior to beginning a work rotation.  Co-op students must have a minimum of three semesters of classes left to begin a co-op.  If you are an F-1 student please refer to “International Authorization” for more details and requirements.

Are students matched with employers?

No, we do not match students and employers.  Employers post their positions via CareerBuzz and set the criteria for their position.  Students who met the criteria can apply.  Applying for jobs and interviewing are important steps in the career development of our students.  We are here to assist and prepare students as they pursue internship and co-op work experience. 

What is the cost for internships and co-ops?

Students will register for an audit course that will keep them officially registered as a Georgia Tech student for their work term.  There is no tuition cost for the audit course.

Can International Students participate in the Co-op and Internship Programs?

Yes, see “International Authorization” for more information.  

Can I work part-time as a Co-op or Intern?

Students who are employed as interns can work part-time or full-time, however, co-op students are required to work full-time.

Who do I contact if I want a global internship experience?

Internships outside the United States are eligible for credit as Internship or Co-op assignments through OIE’s Global Internship Program

Do I receive academic credit for my Internship/Co-op?

Undergraduate interns and co-ops must complete all curriculum requirements for their major.  During full-time work terms, students register for a twelve-hour audit course to maintain full-time status.  As a result, each work term appears on the student’s transcript.  The audited internship or co-op course does not count toward the academic credits required for a degree. The same is true for the audit credit students take when they register for either a part-time or full-time internship courses.

I received a grade of “V” for my Internship/Co-op course; what does that mean?

The “V” on transcripts for Internship and Co-op work assignments is the standard satisfactory grade awarded for any non-fee based audit course at Georgia Tech.  Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and Pass/Fail grades are reserved for academic credit bearing classes that require tuition.