PGPP Resources

Q: Will I be able to make a PGPP advising appointment? 

A: Yes! PGPP advisors will be available for remote advising appointments through phone, Skype, or Tech's BlueJeans app. Individual advisors will communicate which modes are available via email and program websites. 

Q: Will I be able to attend PGPP drop-in hours? 

A: Yes! Group Online Advising will be available through the BlueJeans interface. Please note that BlueJeans meetings are public spaces; anybody with the appropriate links can join those meetings, so they are not ideal for private conversations. Quick, general questions are best for the BlueJeans hour.  Schedule an appointment via GradesFirst for more personal conversations. You can join your advisor for Group Online Advising at these hours: 

Q: Will scheduled PGPP workshops take place? 

A: Yes! Most PGPP events will still be available through the BlueJeans virtual meeting interface.  Watch your email and check the website for URLs that will take you to those workshops. 

Q: Will students still use the Georgia Tech Letter of Evaluation (LOE) Service? 

A: Yes! The Pre-Health Advising team will continue to provide the LOE service for students applying to health professional school in the upcoming cycle. See the website and watch your email for details about this service. 

Q: Will my institutionally-endorsed award (e.g. Astronaut Scholarship) still be processed and submitted?  

A: Yes, your Prestigious Fellowships Advisor will prepare and upload those materials.

Q: Since travel has been restricted indefinitely, should I pursue post-graduate fellowship opportunities abroad (e.g. Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates-Cambridge, Schwarzman, Yenching, etc.)? 

A: Yes! Those opportunities may be available by the national deadlines in the fall. Even if they are not, we believe the application process is a valuable exercise. You will develop your own long-term vision and goals and improve your communication skills through direct engagement with a professional advisor.  Schedule an appointment with “Prestigious Fellowships” in GradesFirst to determine which awards will suit you best and learn how to apply. 

Q: Should I continue my clinical volunteerism or professional shadowing during the Coronavirus outbreak? 

A: First and foremost, follow procedures provided at your clinical sites and take precautions to stay healthy. While we are aware that clinical hours are important to your application to health professional programs, we believe social distancing is critical for public health and prevention of the further spread of coronavirus. Your priority should be your personal well-being and that of your immediate community.