Why Should YOU Participate?

Duplicate: Why Should YOU Participate?

Your participation in the Graduate Internship Program will offer you a myriad of opportunities that will be beneficial to you both now and in the future. Those benefits include:

  • Gaining major-related work experience prior to graduation through growth with an employer
  • Increasing your understanding of classroom theory through practical experience
  • Enhancing your marketability to employers upon graduation
  • Understanding workplace culture and competencies
  • Exploring career goals and options
  • Evaluating your personal strengths and weaknesses and having the opportunity to improve on those weaknesses
  • Sharpening your interpersonal skills
  • Maturing as a professional
  • Networking with other professionals in your field
  • Building a great resume for the future
  • Earning a competitive wage while learning

Because you will be registered in a tuition-free internship course while working, you will retain your full-time student status. This status will allow you additional benefits, such as having your experience recorded on your transcript with no interruptions to your Georgia Tech enrollment, being retained on your parents' insurance policies, being able to participate in sporting events and other activities, use of campus housing and other facilities, and more.

In addition to the above, students who are looking to intern outside of the United States can participate in the Georgia Tech Global Internship Program through the Office of Internal Education (OIE). The benefits of participating in the Global Internship Program are:

  • Getting cross-cultural exposure by living and working in an international location
  • Improving foreign language skills
  • Gaining access to jobs not available in the U.S. marketplace
  • Preparing for success in a global economy

Work abroad jobs can count toward the co-op designation at Georgia Tech.

Each year over a million new college graduates prepare a resume, put on their new suits, and go job hunting. Most of them have hardy handshakes, but few have what employers want most---practical work experience. Students who participate in internships graduate with more than a degree. They have practical knowledge and a competitive advantage in today's job market.