Other Campus Resources

Academic Colleges/Schools
Your college or school may be one of your greatest sources for job information and networking with potential employers. Most colleges and schools designate areas to post announcements about employment, and some prepare resume books for potential employers to peruse. Be sure to take advantage of these resources. A listing of Web sites for each college and school with a graduate program appears here.

Alumni Career Services
Alumni Career Services offers its services to students within a semester of graduation. These services include a Web-based listing of employment openings, an open resume file, and the annual Alumni Career Conference that brings together alumni and prospective employers. The office offers an excellent Web site with job search-related links.

Campus Bookstore
Looking for a book on writing a CV or interviewing? Visit the Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech
bookstore, which has a career section with selected books on issues related to the employment search.

Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning originated in 1986 as a result of a faculty committee’s deliberations.  The Center has primarily served as a faculty development center, assisting faculty in their teaching skills through improved lecturing; and through administering the Institute Course/Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS). 

The Center has been able to run a number of specialized programs for junior faculty and graduate teaching assistants; As we enter a new century, the increased expectation for technology in education is creating new challenges for our faculty. These challenges in turn create opportunities for the Center to help Georgia Tech’s instructional quality stay at the high level that has earned it its world reputation.  Visit Student Services for programs and courses to enhance your teaching.

Communication Center
The Communication Center is a kind of “help desk” for graduate students who would like a one-to-one consultation about a communication project. Some examples of projects you can get help with include the following:

  • Seminar Paper
  • Proposals 
  • Course/Conference Presentations
  • Theses/Dissertations 
  • Lab Reports 
  • Research Skills

Graduate Co-op Office 
The Graduate Cooperative Education Office is responsible for providing both masters and doctoral students with the opportunity to include specialized work experiences in their graduate studies. This department is housed in the Georgia Tech Career Center located on the main floor of the Bill Moore Student Success Center.

Library and Information Center 
The reference desk area (second floor) of the campus library has numerous resources to assist you with researching employers. Ask about the Georgia Tech Electronic Library (GTEL), whose databases are selected specifically by the library for the Georgia Tech community and include access to periodicals with up-to-date information about many companies. If you are considering a job in academia, review the Academic Job Search Handbook by Heiberger and Vick.

Tips for International Students

There are unique challenges for international students in the job search process. Realistically, an international student will need to work harder to be competitive with an American citizen when competing for some of the same job opportunities. Some of the challenges that are unique to international students are addressed in this section.

  • First and foremost, international students must understand the implications of their visa status. 
  • For more information about visas and implications for working in the United States, access the Office of International Education website or call their offices at 404-894-7475.
  • When preparing a resume or CV, it is not appropriate in the United States to include pictures or personal information such as your marital status, children, religion, etc.
  • International students are encouraged to seek graduate cooperative work through our Graduate Co-op/Internship Program.
  • Some companies or some divisions within a company will not hire international students for reasons that are outside of their control. For example, a company may have government contracts that require employment of U.S. citizens only. On the other hand, there are some companies that are known for hiring and sponsoring international students. It is advisable to seek out these companies and to target your efforts. 
  • Networking is a critical skill that helps students to be more competitive when seeking jobs. To learn more about effective and appropriate methods for networking, international students are encouraged to attend relevant seminars offered by the Career Center.