Graduate Internship Housing

If you are interning in metro Atlanta, you may live in campus housing, if available. Students working outside the area will find that most employers offer some level of housing assistance. Such assistance ranges from providing students with a list of apartments in the area to arranging furnished housing and paying for a portion of the expenses. Your employer may give you the names of other interns working in the same location to help you find housing options and roommates.

If you are working outside the Atlanta area, your advisor will give you a form to take to the campus housing office which will allow you to cancel your housing contract without penalty and to get a refund for your housing deposit. If you plan to intern during a given semester but are not sure you will get a job, register for classes and sign up for housing as a back-up plan. All can be easily reversed if you are hired.

Remember to have your mail forwarded if you move for your internship. You can enter your forwarding address via the Oscar website. Login and go to the Personal Information menu. If you currently have an off-campus address, enter your temporary forwarding address with the United States Postal Service.