Graduate Internship Application and Registration Process

To begin your application to participate in the Georgia Tech Graduate Internship Program, please click HERE.

If you choose to take a Georgia Tech course while working, get the permission of your department and internship supervisor before registering. Also, note that the class time must not interfere with your 40-hour work week.

If you plan to take a class at another university while interning, make sure that your supervisor approves your taking the course and that the class time doesn’t interfere with your work schedule. Also, make sure your credit hours transfer to Georgia Tech through the following steps:

  • Go to and review whether or not the course you wish to take at a particular institution has already been evaluated and approved by Georgia Tech as a transfer equivalency.
  • If the course or institution is not listed in OSCAR, see your academic advisor to determine whether or not the credits will transfer.
  • Click on the HELP link at to view specific Registrar requirements. For example, you cannot transfer credit for a course that you previously took at Georgia Tech. Other rules apply.
  • If the institution teaching the course requires a “transient letter” from Georgia Tech, obtain one from the Registrar’s Office.

Once you’ve completed the course, have the transfer institution to send your official transcript to:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of the Registrar
Transfer Credit
Atlanta GA , 30332-0315