Career Fair Tips & Aids

 On-campus career fairs can be both simultaneously exciting and rewarding, but also stressful and overwhelming. We are here to provide resources and pro tips for making attending a career fair both rewarding, fruitful, and successful for you!

Career Fair Aids Handouts


How to Craft and Deliver Your Elevator Speech (Adobe PDF file)
Have you ever heard of or wondered what an :”elevator speech” is? What people refer to this is how to pitch yourself succinctly in the time it takes an elevator with someone you’re networking with to reach the top and still “pitch yourself” in that short time. This can also be very useful and helpful at a career fair, as well!

8 Tips On How to STAND OUT at a Career Fair (Microsoft Word document)
Have you ever wondered what the best way to leave a lasting impression and to stand out at a career fair would be? Look no further! Leading industry consultant Laura Katen guides you through the before, during, and after best practices to stand out and make the most of your career fair experience!

How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Fair (Microsoft Word document)
Allison Doyle from “The Balance Careers” details how to introduce yourself at a job fair and provides key takeaways to provide a successful and meaningful experience at a career fair!

15 Quick Tips for Career Fair Success (Microsoft Word document)
Need a quick refresher of what can help you be successful right before a Career Fair? Dr. Randall S. Hansen is the founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the web, as well CEO of and in this handout helps provide ideas for success at a Career Fair.

Virtual Career Fair Tips (Microsoft Word document)
No matter what type of event technology is used, here are some general tips from the Georgia Tech Graduate Career Education team to successfully navigate virtual career fairs .