Grad FAQ - What is the difference between graduate co-op and graduate internships?

At the graduate level, internships and co-op work assignments mean the same thing at Georgia Tech.  Although graduate students may work internships without enrollment credit at Georgia Tech, co-ops/internships registered through the Career Center’s Graduate Co-op Program are recorded on your transcript as full-time, no-cost, audit credit.  This allows you to maintain your enrollment status while you gain full-time work experience in your field.  Some benefits to this continuity of enrollment include continuation of student benefits such as library access and the opportunity to pay optional student fees for the Campus Recreation facility, health and wellness center, or for Athletic Association events.  

For international students, registration of your internship through the Graduate Co-op Program qualifies your off-campus work assignment as a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) experience; this allows you to postpone using your limited Optional Practical Training (OPT) until after graduation.