Grad FAQ - Can I work part-time as a Grad Co-op?

The Graduate Cooperative Education Program allows the flexibility to work full-time or part-time with academic departmental approval.  Graduate students may not exceed twenty-one hours credit in a given semester, including the audit hours awarded for Graduate Co-op work assignments. Part-time Graduate Co-op classes are available.

Students who work fifteen to twenty hours per week register for COOP 6009.  This class awards nine hours audit credit.  Students who work ten to fourteen hours per week register for COOP 6006, which awards six hours audit credit. Students may receive special approval to work fewer than ten hours per week and will enroll in COOP 6003 which awards three hours audit credit. No fewer than six hours work per week will be considered for Graduate Co-op credit. 
Graduate Co-op classes are approved for a minimum number of weeks equal to the time scheduled for academic classes at the Atlanta campus. Graduate Co-op students must work a minimum of 16 weeks for a fall and spring semester work assignment.  Summer work assignments must be a minimum of ten weeks. No partial semester work assignments are approved for Graduate Co-op credit except in some International Internship situations.